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SOIL AND ROOT DEVELOPMENT Blue Gold is made from Cyanobacteria and activated carbon for use in agriculture. High amounts of organic carbon
and Cyanobacteria are responsible for increasing the White ROOT System and quality of Soil.
Blue Gold is a new class of Bio-organic Fertilizer that is derived from Natural as well as biological sources. It can be use for Soil application as well as foliar application and can be used in all types of crops.


Blue Gold is made from a patented process to make cynobacteria water soluble. This unique formulation increases the absorption percentage of nutrients and provides higher yields! This special formulation is highly beneficial in
increasing the nutrient uptake and increase resistance to heat and weather changes. The activated carbon in Blue Gold has very efficacy in increasing ROOT mass and soil quality.
Carbon is one of the major elements responsible for increasing yields. Blue Gold has shown higher efficacy in
increasing white Roots as compared to Humic acid and Fulvic acid formulations. Made from Natural Sources it is
safe for the Environment and Farm Ecology. It is useful in decontamination of Soil.


Foliar Application: Blue Gold should be used @ of 500 ml per Acre in 200 litres of water. The crops with one picking: Dosage: 500 ml / 200 Litres of water per acre. Spray 2~3 times in whole growing period. The crops with several pickings: Dosage: 500 ml / 200 Litres of water per acre. Spray 2~3 times during each picking. For smaller areas use 50 ml per manually operated knapsack sprayer. Use 100 ml for power sprayer. Ensure complete coverage of plants for maximum results.
Drip Irrigation: Blue Gold should be used @ of 1 Litre per Acre in 200 litres of water. Apply 2~3 times in
whole growing period. For Fruiting Crops dose can be increased to 2 Litres per acre and can be applied 4~5
times in whole period. Compatibility: BLUE GOLD IS COMPATIBLE WITH MOST NUTRIENTS AND


  • Increases White Root System and uptake of Nutrients.
  • Improves Soil quality
  • Porosity and drainage.
  • Replenishes organic carbon in Soil & helps in increasing yields
  • Cyanobacteria is a power -house of Nutrients that are made available to plants.
  • Decontaminates Soil from toxic compounds.

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